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Our friendly members are all over 50 .

We are known as the MK (Milton Keynes) Millies and when we are with our red hat friends we wear something red  on our heads, and  we wear purple clothing – especially from the waist up and of course a smile on our face.

We enjoy meeting people and making new friends and that’s what its about.
We meet each month at regular places for eating, taking tea or just to natter. We also have a number of special events, which are organised by the members themselves – see the Diary for more details

If you would like to join us please send an email to  [email protected] In response we will send you all the details you need to join the group and pay your annual membership. This will come as a welcome pack by email, or post if you aren’t online.


Some often asked questions:

Do I have to commit to lots of things? No – only what appeals to you.

Is it going to cost a lot? We try to offer a range of events. Many are free, some involve using buses passes or Senior Railcards. The cost of an event is always indicated, so members can decide if it is within their budget.

Is it only for old women? No! The majority of our members are active under-65’s, though we are pleased to have some older members and a few younger still.

Do I have to do daft things all the time? No – but we do hope you will have fun and relax amongst friends.

I don’t drive, is that a problem? We encourage car sharing – sharing the costs. Also many events can be reached by public transport – we try to be green.

Who runs the Chapter? The Chapter is run by the members – the Queen and Vice Queens help the smooth running of events.

How do I know if it will suit me? You won’t know until you try!

 We look forward to meeting you!


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